Top 5 SUV in India : Top 5 SUVs sold in India

Top 5 SUVs sold in India

Top 5 SUVs sold in India – Friends, today in this post we are going to talk about the top 5 SUV cars sold in India. If you also have a dream of buying a new car, then this post is going to prove to be very important for you because see, buying a car is a very important thing in Indian families.

A car is a big decision and you have to buy it very thoughtfully. Because it is a matter of safety of your entire family, hence if you are also looking for a new car, then first know well which are the top five cars sold in India and what are the safety features in them.

Many people are confused whether to buy an SUV or a small car. Nowadays, the trend of SUV is more in India, the reason for this is because SUV fits perfectly with the Indian roads. You can see the place in the Indian roads – There are deep potholes at places and high breakers installed at various places if you take a small vehicle.

So its ground clearance will not be that much and there are full chances of it touching the bottom, hence in India, for the last two-three years, mid-size SUV has been the choice of most of the people, so try if you also buy a small SUV. If you take it, it will be good for your family and you can go anywhere easily without any hindrance, no matter what kind of road it is.

Top 5 SUVs sold in India ?

The highest selling SUV vehicles in India are given below-

Tata Nexon

There was a time when Tata vehicles were not given that much popularity in India because Tata’s big vehicles like trucks were mostly used in India, but now that time has changed and many small Tata vehicles have also started being sold in India. There is one car which has completely changed the fortunes of Tata, its name is Tata Nexon. If you want a good SUV in the range of Rs 10 to 12 lakh which has a five star rating, then you should blindly buy Tata Nexon.

Should be taken because this vehicle has been launched ever since. Since then, it has created a stir in the market. If you want a good SUV in the range of up to Rs 10 lakh, in which you can go anywhere with your entire family and there is no safety problem, then this car is going to be very important for you and now this The car has broken all the records.

More than 14000 units of this car are being sold every month. This car has left behind the cars of all the companies like Maruti and Hyundai. If you want to buy this car, then book it as soon as possible. Can do because the waiting time of this vehicle is also quite good.

Hyundai Creta

This vehicle of Hyundai company has been the best selling vehicle in the last few years and the brand value of this vehicle is something different in India. Since the launch of the new model of Hyundai Creta in 2020, the sales of this vehicle have increased manifold.

Due to its looks, this vehicle is a widely sold SUV across India. More than 13,000 units of this vehicle are sold every month and due to its immense popularity in India, the waiting period of this vehicle is also very long. If your budget is Rs 12 to 15 lakh and you want a good looking car then this car can be very good for you.।

Top 5 SUVs sold in India full list

Tata Punch

This is the smallest car of Tata Motors. This car has created havoc in the entire market ever since it was launched. Tata ships more than 10,000 units of this vehicle every month. If your budget is Rs 6 to 8 lakh, then this is going to prove to be a good small size SUV for you. If you want a small car and which is also good in safety rating. If it is good then Tata 5 can be a very important car for you.

Hyundai Venue

Ever since the new generation of this car was launched, this car is being sold in good quantity. This is a small size SUV of Hyundai. Hyundai sells more than 10,000 units of this car every month. If you want a small SUV and which is also very good in LUK, if your budget is 9 to 10 lakh rupees then Hyundai Venue can be a good car for you and there is a lot of waiting for this car too. If you want this car then you can buy it soon. You can book it as soon as possible and this car also comes with a very good safety rating.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

Ever since its launch, this car of Maruti Suzuki has been one of the best selling vehicles in the market, but in the last few years, the popularity of this vehicle has decreased and now Maruti has launched the new generation of this vehicle. Since then, this car has again gained momentum in sales and this car is now selling in very good quantities. This is a mid size SUV car and it is a car of Maruti which is very good in safety also.

With four star rating, if you want a car of Maruti and which is also very good in safety then this car can be for you. If your budget is Rs 9 to 10 lakh, then you can easily buy this car. Its waiting period is also very good, so if you want to buy Maruti Suzuki Brezza, then you can book it as soon as possible.

Conclusion :-

In this post you have been told about the top 5 best selling SUV vehicles in India. We hope this information will prove useful for you. If you still have any doubt then please comment.

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