12th ke baad kya kare : Govt jobs After 12th

12th ke baad kya kare Govt jobs After 12th

Friends 12th ke baad kya kare, if you have passed 12th and now you are wondering what you should do after 12th. So today’s post is going to be very important for you. Today we are going to know what you can do after passing 12th. And what are the options in front of you in the form of government job, so let us see the complete information.

12th ke baad kya kare – Govt Jobs after 12th

Friends, first of all you have to see in which field you are interested. Because even in government job, you can do duty in many types of parts like Railway Police, C Bank or any other area. So whatever field you are interested in working in, you should choose a government job related to that. And prepare hard for it because if you do this then your chances of getting selected in the recruitment will increase a lot. And your dream of getting a government job will also be fulfilled.

Friends, if you have passed 12th then the list of government jobs available for you is as follows…

12th ke baad kya kare

Agniveer in service

Friends, if you have passed 12th and you want to get a job in Indian Service, then there can be a very golden opportunity for you to become Agniveer in the service because this golden opportunity to become Agniveer in the service has been started by the government since last year.

And if you want to become Agni Veer, then the process for this is also very easy. To become Agni Veer in the service, your race should be very good, that is, you should be physically fit and apart from this, you should also get good marks in the written exam. If you are there then you get the forms filled in the Indian Service and then in the selection process, if you pass all the stages then you will become Agni Veer.

Benefits of becoming Agniveer

There are many benefits of becoming Agni Veer in service, such as

  • After becoming Agniveer, you will get a fixed salary for four years and after this, 25 percent of the students who become Agniveer will be made permanent soldiers, so if your performance as Agniveer is good then you too will become a permanent soldier. can
  • Apart from this, after completion of your duty of 4 years, you are going to get a good amount of money for retirement, so as an Agniveer, in 4 years, including your salary and the money after retirement, you will get around 25 to 26 lakhs. will be able to take money
  • And even after leaving here, you will have many career options because now special relaxation is being given to Agniveer students in police recruitment of all the states and also in paramilitary forces, so you will be able to take advantage of it.

Police Constable

Friends, if you want to become a police constable after passing 12th. So first of all, whichever state you are from, you can apply the form for police constable recruitment of that state. Because police recruitment is different for all states, now you have to see in which state you have become a police constable. And there are also some Indian police forms in which all the students of the country can fill the form like Delhi Police.

To become a police constable, after passing 12th, you will have to start preparing for your state or Delhi Police constable recruitment. Therefore, first of all you should prepare well for the written examination. Because to become a police constable, the written examination plays a greater role than the physical one. The paper here will be very good and the cut off is also very good. So you will have to get very good marks and after this you will have to prepare well physically also.

12th ke baad kya kare Govt jobs

Job in Bank

Friends, after passing 12th, many students dream of working in a bank. Because bank job is very different and convenient from all other types of government jobs. You do not have to do any physical work in the bank, that is, here you just have to sit in the bank and work in a room. And your work will mostly be done online on computer, so this is a very good advantage of this job. That in this you will not have to face the sun outside.

If you want to get a government job in a bank, then you will have to prepare hard for the written examination. Because there is no physical test in it. Your selection in the bank will be done only on the basis of written examination. That is why its paper is of very good level in written examination. So if you are very good in studies then you can get a government job in a bank also.

Government job in Railways

Friends, many students dream of getting a government job in Railways after passing 12th. Friends, if you also want to do the same, then there are many different posts in Railways as government jobs for Indians. Like you can get government jobs in Railways like RPF, Railway Group D and Railway NTPC.

RPF Constable or SI

Friends, to get RPF job in Railways, you will have to prepare for both physical and written examination. Because both of these are very important for the recruitment of RPF in Railways, otherwise if you want to become a constable and SI. So you can see its further information by clicking on the link given below. Watch Now

RPF Constable New Vacancy 2023 – Apply Online Click Here


So friends, if you have passed 12th and are looking for a government job. So in this post you have been given complete information about which jobs you can prepare for after passing 12th and what you will have to do for that.

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