What to do after 10th? : Best Govt Jobs after 10th Full List

10वीं के बाद क्या करें Best Govt Jobs after 10th Full List 10th ke baad kya kare

Friends, 10th class is the most important for all the students and their parents. Most of the students become serious about their career only after passing 10th and they should be because they have to choose their subject after 10th (10th ke baad kya decide which subject they should take next and which field they should go into.

You have to decide all these things only after 10th. So 10th class is very important, after that your career is decided in which field you want to go, so today in this post you are going to get information about what you can do after 10th and this information will be very useful for you. Will prove useful.

10th ke baad kya karen 10th ke baad govt job list

What to do after 10th?

After passing 10th class, many students make a mistake, they do not choose the right career and later on they have to face a lot of problems. Therefore, after 10th, you should choose your career as per your wish and choice and not in any other way. You should not decide your career under the pretense that what you want to do next, it should be your decision based on your capabilities, only then you will be able to be successful in future.

Which subjects can be taken after 10th ?

Friends, today we are going to see which subjects you can take after 10th and what to do after 10th. So that you can guide your career in the right direction.

1. Science

Students who want to make their career in medical and engineering in future can take science course after 10th. Nowadays, science remains the most popular subject in India. Most of the students dream of either becoming an engineer or a doctor in the medical field, so if you also want to go into the medical/engineering field, then you can take science subjects after 10th.

If you take science subject after 10th then many options open to you after 12th either you can become a doctor, engineer, go into the field of IT or you can do research work, that is why many students nowadays. After 10th, he is choosing science subject.

2. Commerce

If a student wants to go into the medical or engineering field, he takes science. Similarly, if a student wants to make a career in the field of banking or finance, then he can choose commerce subject after 10th. In this you can make your career on the post of Accountant, Financial Planner etc. There are many students who choose commerce subject. If you are also interested in these fields then you can also choose commerce subject.

10th ke baad kya kare

3. Arts

See, most of the people have this thinking that after passing 10th, only those students who are weak in studies take art subject in 12th but it is not so. Even if weak students take Art subject, many students still consider Art subject as their first choice and even after completing 12th from Art, you have many career options.

You can prepare for UPSC, so do not take Art subject lightly. If you wish to take Art subject after 10th, then you should definitely take it. Do not choose Science or Commerce on someone’s advice, if that is your wish. Choose the subject: You can also do courses in art subject like journalist, lawyer, teacher, graphic designer etc.

4. ITI Kaise Kare

The full name of ITI is Industrial Training Institute. ITI course is chosen by those students who are looking for a job soon or want to do a government job in some field, then if you do ITI directly after 10th. So you become eligible to get many jobs and you can get job in many private companies also.

Therefore, if you need a job immediately after 10th then you can do ITI, there can be different trades in this also, you can choose which trade you do ITI.

5. Prepare for government job

If you have passed your 10th and now you want to get a government job, then from time to time the government keeps releasing such Indians for many posts. In which only 10th pass is required, then you can prepare for it and get a government job immediately like Army, Police, Group D etc. There are many posts in which only 10th pass is asked, so you can easily get a government job. You can prepare for and get a job as soon as possible.

Conclusion :-

In this post you have been easily explained about all the options like what to do after 10th, Best Govt Jobs after 10th, 10th ke baad kya kare. We hope the information will prove useful for you if you still have any doubt about 10th. What to do after this, please comment. Watch Now

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