Virat Kohli Biography : Full Life Story

Virat Kohli Biography full story

Virat Kohli Biography – Virat Kohli is considered one of the best batsmen of India. Virat Kohli is an influential and promising cricketer of Indian cricket who is called the backbone of the Indian cricket team. Virat Kohli has taken the Indian cricket team to new heights on his own. Apart from being a good batsman, Virat is also a good fielder. Virat Kohli has also been the captain of the Indian cricket team.

Virat Kohli Biography

Virat Kohli was born on 5 November 1988 in a Punjabi family of Delhi. His father’s name is Prem Kohli, who was a lawyer by profession. His mother’s name is Saroj Kohli, who is a housewife. Virat Kohli has a brother and a sister. Brother’s name is Vikas Kohli and sister’s name is Bhavna Kohli.

Virat Kohli was very interested in cricket from the beginning, he took the bat in his hand at the age of 3. After this, his interest in cricket started increasing more and he started focusing more on cricket. Seeing Virat’s interest in cricket, Virat’s parents encouraged him to prepare for cricket. Delhi coach gave Virat Kohli cricket training. He was taken to Rajkumar Sharma where his talent got more wings.

Virat Kohli Biography

Virat Kohli’s education

His initial education was from Vishal Bharatiya Public School, Delhi. He had little attention in studies. Virat Kohli used to concentrate all his attention on cricket, due to which he received education only till 12th standard. Virat Kohli was 9 years old. Then Virat Kohli’s father enrolled him in the Cricket Sports Club so that he could gain good knowledge about cricket and progress further in cricket. After passing 12th class, Virat focused his entire attention on cricket. Gave it and then he could not pursue further studies.

Virat Kohli and Anushka

Virat Kohli is married to famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma were married on 11 December 2017. Anushka Sharma has worked in many Bollywood films. And many of their films have also been superhit. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have a daughter who was born on 11 January 2021, whose name is Vamika Kohli.

Virat Kohli and cricket

Virat Kohli played his first match in the ODI team on 18 August 2008 in the match against Sri Lanka. From this day, Virat Kohli’s journey in the Indian team started, after that it seems as if Virat Kohli never looked back and continued Not only did he maintain his place in Team India, he also became an important batsman of Team India. After that, Virat Kohli made his first Test debut of his life on 20 June 2011 against West Indies. Virat Kohli has also had a very good score in Tests.

Virat Kohli played his first T20 against Zimbabwe on 12 June 2010 and Virat Kohli is such a batsman. Who has scored a lot of runs with his bat in all three formats of ODI Test and T20 cricket and has often won entire matches on his own.

Virat Kohli has also been the captain of Team India. Yes, maybe he was not so successful as a captain because he could not make Team India win any ICC tournament under his captaincy, but still his contribution to Team India was never forgotten. It cannot be said that right now Virat Kohli is the most important batsman of Team India. The opposing team has only one dream – to take the wicket of Virat Kohli by some means or the other. Virat Kohli also takes great care of his fitness and is one of the fittest players in India.

Virat Kohli Biography new story

Team India won the ICC World Cup in 2011. At that time, Virat Kohli was a part of that team and he also had a very important contribution. Virat Kohli has received many awards from the ICC so far. Virat Kohli has been ranked first in the ICC ODI rankings many times. Virat Kohli has been given many awards across the world and by the Government of India. Virat Kohli has today become a name that has a lot of fans all over the world. Virat Kohli has a huge fan following in Pakistan also.

ICC World Cup 2023 is going to be held in India and all the Indian cricket fans are waiting that Virat Kohli will perform well in this World Cup 2023 and the Indian team will definitely win the World Cup this time, just as Team India won the World Cup in 2011 under the captaincy of Dhoni.

The cup was won that too inside India and Virat Kohli was a part of that team. Now under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, Team India is considered to be the strongest contender in the ICC World Cup 2023 and Virat Kohli is a part of that team, so that team will definitely be the strongest contender, hence all the cricket lovers are waiting for the 2023 World Cup. The whole country is waiting that this time the Indian cricket team will definitely win the ICC World Cup 2023.

Conclusion  :-

In this post you have been provided information about Virat Kohli. We hope this information will prove useful for you and you too can learn from the life of Virat Kohli. That if you have made any goal then work hard towards it, you will surely succeed in it one day or the other and your focus must be on your goal, only then you can achieve that goal.

In this post, you will get to know about Virat Kohli’s initial education, Virat Kohli Biography and then how he moved towards cricket and he studied only till 12th. To achieve his goal, he did not even study beyond 12th, but if you have a strong goal. So if you are ready to give up anything to achieve it, then you can definitely achieve that goal.

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