Jyada Mobile Chalane Ke Nuksan : Full Details

Jyada Mobile Chalane Ke Nuksan full details

Why one should not use mobile phone too much

Due to excessive use of mobile, we may have to face many types of problems. Using the phone excessively can cause headache, eye strain etc. and the second reason for not using the phone is that many times people use the phone while driving. They use the phone and then their attention gets diverted, which increases the chances of having an accident, hence using the phone excessively proves to be harmful for us.

Jyada Mobile Chalane Ke Nuksan dekhen

Jyada Mobile Chalane Ke Nuksan

Harmful to Eyes

The size of the phone is very small, which causes great harm to our eyes. The blue light emitted from the phone reduces eyesight. Due to which our eyes are adversely affected. Constantly looking at the phone can also cause problems like irritation and swelling in the eyes. Due to excessive use of mobile, there is a fear of wearing glasses at an early age. Therefore, the phone should be used less than for work.

Has a Bad Effect on the Brain

Excessive use of phone can cause great harm to our brain and we may also have to face problems like memory loss. Using phone at night has a very bad effect on the brain. This reduces your ability to sleep and can also have a negative impact on your life.

Sleep related problems

Using mobile till late night prevents us from sleeping and then many sleep related problems arise. Which affects our body a lot. Using mobile at night causes melatonin hormone effect. Which helps in getting good sleep. And using the phone causes a lot of damage. Therefore, one should always avoid using the phone at night.

Increase in Depression

By using mobile for a long time, you are moving towards depression. Using mobile has a lot of impact on the brain. Due to which you will always feel irritable and will also talk angrily to your family members. Due to which the peace of the family is also disturbed and you start moving towards depression. By using the phone too much, you become addicted to the phone and then you do not like any work other than the phone and you will not feel like doing any work. Due to this you may have to suffer a lot of loss.

Problem of dark circles near the Eyes

Looking at the phone continuously causes dark circles under our eyes. Because using the phone too much makes the eyes weak and then one may have to face the problem of dark circles. The rays emanating from the phone cause great harm to our eyes. Therefore, the phone should be used less than necessary. Many times we start looking at the phone without any reason. Due to which our eyes get tired and feel weak. Due to which marks appear under the eyes. These can be cured by reducing the use of phone.

Jyada Mobile Chalane Ke Nuksan

Mental Exhaustion

Due to excessive use of phone, we do not feel physically tired. But we have to face mental fatigue and mental problems also increase. Due to which we feel tired the whole day. And the energy of our body also reduces. And we become incapable of doing any kind of work. Because of which we have to face many problems in life.

Using phone too much is a waste of time

By using phone too much we are wasting our precious time. Many times we give up precious opportunities by using our phones too much in our lives. Which can change our lives also. But we start passing time on social media. And within a few days we get addicted to this thing and then it starts wasting our time. Due to which we may have to face many difficulties.

Nowadays, every member in every family has his own mobile phone. Because of which no one even talks to anyone and everyone is busy using their mobiles. Due to which the love between all the members reduces and everyone is able to give less time to each other.

Therefore, instead of using the phone excessively, the phone should always be used only for a limited time. One should not use the phone without any work or reason.

We have got many benefits with the advent of mobile phones. As with its help we can obtain any type of information. And it also helps in studying for students. But many people misuse it.

Increase in road Accidents

Many people also use mobile phones while using vehicles. Due to which one may have to face a major accident. Generally we see that people do this carelessly every day, which can put their lives in great danger. Many people start talking on mobile phones while driving. Due to which their attention gets diverted from the road. Due to which they put their lives in danger and become victims of road accidents. Therefore, mobile phones should never be used while walking on the road or driving a vehicle. Due to this we can put our lives and the lives of others in danger.

Must see some important things related to mobile

Mobile should never be used in darkness. Due to this our eyes may have to suffer a lot.

We should use mobile only for important work. Usually we see that people start using their phones while resting. Due to which they get menstrual fatigue. And their body never gets rest.

Therefore, the advantage of phone should not be converted into loss by using it excessively.

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