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excel shortcut in hindi  में excel की पूरी जानकारी हम आप के सामने ला रहे है। इस shortcut का उपयोग आप excel पर फ़ास्ट काम करने के लिए कर सकते है।  इस सरे excel shortcut का मेने आप के लिए pdf File भी रेडी किया है जिको आप आसानी से निचे के Link से Downlod कर सकते है। 


computer gk in hindi -ultimate guide

excel shortcut in hindi

S/No ShortCut Action
1 Ctrl+A Select All
2 Ctrl+B Bold
3 Ctrl +C Copy
4 Ctrl +D Fill Down
5 Ctrl+F Find
6 Ctrl+G Goto
7 Ctrl+H Replace
8 Ctrl+I Italic
9 Ctrl+K Insert Hyperlink
10 Ctrl+N New workbook
11 Ctrl+O Open
12 Ctrl+P Print
13 Ctrl+R Fill  Right
14 Ctrl+S Save
15 Ctrl+U Underline
16 Ctrl+V Paste
17 Ctrl+W Close
18 Ctrl+X Cut
19 Ctrl+Y Repeat
20 Ctrl+Z Undo

function excel shortcut

1 Ctrl+0 Hides the Columns in TheCurrent Selection
2 Ctrl+1 Displays the Formating Dialog box
3 Ctrl+2 Toggles bold on the Current Selection
4 Ctrl+3 Toggles italics on the Current Selection
5 Ctrl+4 Toggles Underline on the Current Selection
6 Ctrl+5 Toggles the strikethrough of text
7 Ctrl+6 Taggles between hiding ,Displaying
8 Ctrl+8 Taggles The Display of Outline Symbols
9 Ctrl+9 Hides the rows in the current Selection
10 Ctrl+F2 Print Preview
11 Ctrl+F9 Minimises the size of the active workbook
12 Ctrl+F10 Maximises the size of the Active Workbook
13 Ctrl+F12 Displays the File Open Dialog Box

special key excel shortcut

1 Ctrl+ – Delete/Shift
2 Ctrl+; Enters the Current Data into the active Cell
3 Ctrl+Tab Moves to the Next open Workbook
4 Ctrl+Shift++ Insert
5 Ctrl+Shift+0 Unhides the columms in the current Selection
6 Ctrl+shift+8 selects the Current selection
7 Ctrl+Shift+9 Unhides the rows I the current Selection
8 Ctrl+home Moves to cell “A1” on the active sheet
9 Ctrl+End Moves to the last Used cell
10 Ctrl+pg up Moves to the previous worksheet in the workbook
11 Ctrl+pg Dn Moves  to the next worksheet in the workbook

only function key use in excel

1 Ctrl+* Select Current region ( use * on number keyboard)
2 F1 Help
3 F2 Edit
4 F3 Pase Name
5 F4 Repeat last action
6 F5 Gota
7 F6 Next Pane
8 F7 Spell Check
9 F8 Extend Mode
10 F9 Recalculate All workbooks
11 F10 Activate Menu Bar
12 F11 New Chart
13 F12 Save As
shift +function key
1 Shift+F2 Inserts or Edits a cell Comment
2 Shift+F3 Displays The Function Dialog Box
3 Shift+F4 Repeats the last find
4 shift+F5 Displays the Find Dialog Box
5 Shift+F6 Moves to The Previos pane (if the Window is Split)
6 Shift+F9 Calculates just the Active Worksheet
7 Shift+F11 Inserts a new Worksheet
8 Shift+F12 Save the Workbook
9 Shift+Spcbar Select the current Rows
10 Alt+F1 Insert Chart
11 alt+F2 Save As
12 Alt+F4 Exit
13 Alt+F8 Displays Macro Dialog Box
14 Alt+ F11 Visual Basic Editor
15 Alt+Enter Start a new line in the same Cell
16 Alt+= Enter the SUM()
17 Alt+; Selects the visible cells in the current selection
18 Alt+Shift+F1 Insert a new worksheet
19 Alt+shift+F2 Displays the Save as Dialog Box
20 Alt+Shift+F4 Closes all the workbooks

excel shortcut in hindi PDF


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